Monday, 26 December 2011

Beh Cheng Siew


Beh Cheng Siew was born in 1883. He was a well-known businessman in Taiping and had landed property in Perak and Penang. Beh Cheng Siew engaged mainly in rubber plantation business in Taiping and owned various estates in Perak and Penang. He married Khor Siew Kin and had two sons and two daughters. His children were Beh Cheng Chuah, Beh Khoon Chuan, Beh Sai Keow and Beh Gaik Keow. 

Beh Cheng Siew died on 13 March 1966 at his town house 74 Barrack Road, Taiping. His daughter, Beh Gaik Keow was married to Dr Leow Hock Chin, an early ophthalmic optician in Singapore. Upon his death, his eldest son Beh Cheng Chuah took charge of the family business, while second son, Beh Khoon Chuan was a former teacher at Hua Lian High School, Taiping. All his children were English educated. In 1969, Beh Cheng Siew Scholarship was established by his eldest son and endowed to St. George’s School, Taiping, the first recipient was Wong Yin Chong.   

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