Sunday, 25 December 2011

Chan Teow Lam 曾兆南


Chan Teow Lam was a prominent member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, where he was the first elected secretary of the Chamber since its establishment in 1906, a position that had him served for three years before passed to Lim Kwee Eng. Chan Teow Lam was born in Swatow, China and came to Singapore in 1877. He ventured into trading gambier and pepper in Johor. Chan Teow Lam also engaged into tea trade interest in China, a business where his father started off first. He lived at Hill Street, Singapore, where his business interest was operated at 5 Fisher Street. Chan Teow Lam had four sons and four daughters, where all his children received English education. His sons were Chan Siow Kee, Chan Siow Kew, Chan Siow Chee and Chan Siow Choe.

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