Monday, 2 January 2012

Cheah Eng Wah 谢荣华

Cheah Eng Wah 谢荣华

Cheah Eng Wah was born in 1873 in Penang to Cheah Chan. He was educated at Penang and employed by Low Boon Kim in Kuala Lumpur as office clerk for six years, before went to Khoo Gin Ho’s firm of Chop Wan Hong as manager. He remained for two years at Chop Wan Hang and later served Khoo Kai Chai and Low Boon Tit’s mines as mining clerk in Kuala Lumpur. After two years, he was then transferred to Seremban by the company and promoted to mine manager. A position that he held for three years before resigned and ventured into tin mining on his own account. 

Cheah Eng Wah’s mine at Rasa, Selangor was operated by about one thousand workers. He also owned a mine at Ulu Yan, where about 400 workers were employed. In partnership with J.A. Russell, he commenced tin mining at Kuala Kubu, where about 250 workers were employed. Cheah Eng Wah was a member of the Merchants’ Clubs of Penang and Kuala Lumpur. He had a daughter.

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