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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cheah Tat Jin 谢达仁


Cheah Tat Jin was born in 1886 in Penang and was the second son of Cheah Chen Eok. He was educated at St Xavier’s Institution before served the Penang Opium and Liquor Farm as Supervisor, where his father was the Superintendent of the Farm. Cheah Tat Jin was a business partner of Keng Bee and the Director of the Eastern Trading Co, Eastern Shipping Co., Eastern Smelting, Tongkah Harbour Tin Dredging Co and Menglembu Lode Mining Ltd. He also had interest in the Gambling Farm of Singapore and tin mining interest in Perak. Cheah Tat Jin was a member of the Penang Turf Club and the Chinese Recreation Club. 

On 11 May 1906, he married Lim Kwee Guan, third daughter of Lim Leng Cheak. His eldest son, Cheah Wat Lum married Lily Lim Bin I (1911 – 1952), eldest daughter of Lim Kar Chang and a granddaughter of Lim Chin Tsong of Rangoon in 1926. His only daughter, Cheah Chew Teong See (6 December 1911 - 21 February 1999) married Lim Kean Chuan (10 October 1906- 25 February 1993), the only son of Lim Cheng Law on 8 March 1926. 

Cheah Tat Jin and family lived at Holland House, Northam Road and had three sons and one daughter. Cheah Tat Jin and family were heavily influenced by Western lifestyle, they had dressed and mannered like Europeans.