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Yen Ching-hwang 颜清湟

Professor Yen Ching-hwang

Yen Ching-hwang was born in 1937 in Yongchun, Fujian to Gan Cheong Choo also known as Yen Chang-shu (颜章枢). Gan Cheong Choo (1912-1984) came to Malaya in 1940s to seek his fortune and was a successful merchant. Yen Ching-hwang is married and has three sons and a daughter. 

Yen Ching-hwang was educated at the Confucian Chinese School, Kuala Lumpur and graduated from the Nanyang University of Singapore in 1960. In March 1965, he secured a post-doctoral scholarship from the Australian government and attached to the Far Eastern History Department of the Australian National University. 

He completed his graduate studies in 1969 and became lecturer of history in University of Adelaide. He was then promoted to senior lecturer in 1976 and Reader (Professorship) in 1987, respectively. In May 1988, Yen Ching-hwang was appointed to the Chair Professor of History and Head of Department at the Hongkong University and relinquished the post in 1990.

Yen Ching-hwang is affiliated with the Tan Lark Sye Professor at the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. He is also an Adjunct Reader (Professor) of School of History and Politics at the University of Adelaide.

Yen Ching-hwang is an active researcher and writer, majoring in the overseas Chinese studies. He has published numerous books and journals in both English and Chinese. In which all his works are highly sought-after in the academia. 

Yen Ching-hwang's international affiliation includes executive committee member of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas at the University of California (1993-1999). A corresponding member of the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (1993-2006), adviser to the Overseas Chinese Encyclopaedic Project based at the Peking University (1994-2003), member of the Board of International Advisers in the Journal of Chinese Overseas (2005-present), Organizing Committee Chairman for the 12th International Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia at Hongkong University (1989-1990), adviser to the Society of Overseas Chinese History of Guangdong province of the Institute of Overseas Chinese Studies, Jinan University, and to the Sino-Humanitas (Renwen Zhongguo Xuebao) of the Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Apart from academic pursuits, he also concerned in the social welfare of the Chinese community in Australia. In 1971, together with Edmond Young (杨日文) and Joyce Ho (何国光) they founded the Chinese Association of South Australia. Yen Ching-hwang is also an appointed member to Australian government committees, such as the Police-Ethnic Liaison Committee of South Australia (1980-1986) and Multi-Cultural Education Coordinating Committee (1982-1985) and South Australian Multicultural Forum. From 1987 to 1988, he was appointed as a member of Immigration Review Panel under the Ministry of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.

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