Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cheah Kok Phin


Cheah Kok Phin was born in 1881, and educated at Taiping. He was the son of the Cheah Fook, who was a tin miner in Larut. At the age of 16 years old, Cheah Kok Phin joined the police force. After four years’ service, he left the profession and left for Kampar. In Kampar, Cheah Kok Phin commenced tin mining business with the help from his father-in-law. Cheah Kok Phin was also the Mine Manager for his father-in-law’s mines. His tin mines at Sumput, near Gopeng had employed more than 500 miners and were generated by two pumps, with the capacity of 10 h/p and 12 h/p, respectively, and were able to produce 300 piculs of tin per month. Cheah Kok Phin had one son and two daughters.