Sunday, 10 September 2017

Leong Lok Hing 梁樂卿

Leong Lok Hing, JP
Born in 1851 with ancestry in Longyan, Canton Province, he was educated at San Francisco, the United States. Leong Lok Hing first established himself in general trading in California. He came to Penang in 1888 and became British subject in 1907. He was then a prominent merchant and community leader in Penang.

Leong Lok Hing founded a trading firm (importer of Western goods), Kwong On & Co. at 113 Beach Street and later expanded his business branches in Ipoh and Tapah. He also established a tin trading firm, Kwong Kit Cheong & Co to manage his tin mines at Bidor and Kuala Lumpur.

He also owned rubber, coconut and tapioca estates in Kerian, Perak. Leong Kok Hing had an elaborate social and community participation. He was the President of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, a founder, chairman and later trustee of the Penang Chinese Town Hall (1907 - 1912),  founding member of the Penang Anti-Opium Association, a director of the Kwantung and Tengchew Association, Penang, President of the Penang Cantonese Club, and various appointments in the clan associations and schools.

Leong Lok Hing lived at No. 76 Bishop Street, Penang and had a country house at Gottlieb Road, Penang named "The Pleasance". He died on 11 May 1912, had four wives and two sons, Leong Fook Chow @ Yun Chow 梁元藻 and Leong Yun Min 梁元冕.

Leong Lok Hing in his prime years
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