Thursday, 12 September 2013

Portraits of Prominent Overseas Chinese in Straits Settlements and British Malaya

Part 1


  1. hello Sir, am trying to find some info about Oe Eng An who was the Luitenant of Banjarmasin , service under Kapitan Thio Soen Yang ,the brother of Thio Soen To ,can you find any info about Oe ? and do you think Thio Soen To is the same person as Thio Soen Tioe(张顺寿),the director of Overseas Union Bank . thanks

  2. my email is , please let me know if you know anything about Oe. thanks .

  3. I am trying to find how my dad came from Fuchien provience Haiteng.
    He works for Ho Hong Bank n also done some write out for the press.
    His name is Khoo Boon Seow married my mother Cheah Bian Choo from Penang n migrate to SG to continue business such as Rubber Shoes Production called MahHua.He also was affliated to Dr.Lim Boon Keng in Singapoe. Thank you