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Monday, 26 December 2011

Beh Cheng Chuah


Beh Cheng Chuah was born on 28 April 1919 in Penang to Beh Cheng Siew. He was educated at St George’s Institution, Taiping from 1926 to 1936. After the World War II, he was employed under the British Military Administration as Assistant Stenographer and was stationed under the Indian Divisions and later became the Assistant to the Brigade Commander of Commonwealth force in British Malaya. 

He served the armed force for almost 17 years before entered into his father’s business in 1963 and got married in the same year. He was the President of the Old Georgians' Association (1967 – 2004), Chairman of the St. George’s Institution Board of Governors, and founder of the Beh Cheng Siew Memorial Scholarship in 1969 and Beh Cheng Chuah Scholarship in 1993, respectively; both scholarships were endowed to his alma mater. 

His philanthropic work to his former school had earned him the Patron of the Old Georgians' Association. Beh Cheng Chuah had two sons, and was the proprietor of Bersatu Property Centre, a real estate agency in Taiping. One of his sons, Beh Yang Toh who took the management of his business was the Vice President of Malaysian Institute of Estate Agent, President of Rotary Club, Taiping, and a coordinator for Taiping Peace Initiative.