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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Straits Chinese British Association (SCBA)

Tchan Chun Fook posting with the SCBA regalia
Source: Song, Ong Siang. (1923). One Hundred Years’ History of the Chinese in Singapore. London: John Murray

Singapore Branch
Founded on 17 August 1900 now known as Peranakan Association Singapore

List of Presidents
1900 - 1904 Tan Jiak Kim
1905 - 1907 Dr Lim Boon Keng
1913 - 1916 Koh San Hin
1917 - 1919 Lee Choon Guan
1920 - 1921 Dr Lim Boon Keng
1921 - Song Ong Siang
1924 - 1925 Wong Siew Qui (SQ Wong)
1926 - 1930 Wee Swee Teow
1930 - 1932 Dr Lim Han Hoe
1933 - 1939 Tay Lian Teck
Dr Yap Pheng Geck
1948 - 1992 Ong Tiang Wee (TW Ong)
1992 - 1996 Dr George Tay
1996 - 2009 Lee Kip Lee
2010 - present Peter Wee

**The "Singapore Branch" is still under research. Information will be updated from time to time.

The early members of SCBA in 1900
Source: Song, Ong Siang. (1923). One Hundred Years’ History of the Chinese in Singapore. London: John Murray

Malacca Branch
Founded on 25 September 1900 now known as Persatuan Peranakan Cina Melaka

List of Presidents
1900 - 1903 Lee Keng Liat
1904 - 1928 Chan Kang Swi
1929 - 1934 Tan Cheng Lock
1935 - 1938 Loh Kim Swi
1939 - 1941 Ong Bak Hin
1946 - 1950 Ee Yew Kim
1951 - 1954 Khoo Kim Lian
1955 - 1977 Ee Yew Lin
1978 - 1988 Khoo Peck Wan
1988 - 1993 Chin Thian Soo
1994 - 2007 Jimmy Khoo Seng Kiong
2008 - 2017 Phua Jin Hock
2017 - present David Tan

Penang Branch
Founded in 1920 now known as Persatuan Peranakan Cina Pulau Pinang

List of Presidents
1920 - 1924 Lim Eu Toh
1925 - 1927 Quah Beng Kee
1928 - 1929 Lim Keong Lay
1930           Lim Eow Thoon
1931 - 1932 Heah Joo Seang
1933           Lim Keong Lay
1934           Lim Cheng Ean
1935           Koh Sin Hock
1936 - 1937 Lim Cheng Ean
1938           Cheah Inn Kiong
1939 - 1945 Dr Lim Chwee Leong
1946 - 1948 Lee Tiang Keng
1949           Lim Huck Aik
1950           Chew Boon Ee
1951 - 1952 Ong Joo Sun
1953 - 1960 Heah Joo Seang
1961 - 1982 Koh Sin Hock
1983 - 1986 Ang Cheow Kooi
1987           Law Joo Keun
1988 - 2009 Dato' Seri Khoo Keat Siew
2010 - present Dato' Tan Gin Soon

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lim Leack 林烈

Lim Leack

Lim Leack or Lim Liak was born in 1804 in China with ancestry in Jingli (鏡里). He migrated to Straits Settlements in 1825. In his early time he commenced general trading under the firm Chop Hiap Chin, in which engaged principally in tin and tapioca.

In 1824, Singapore was officially established as a British Crown Colony, eyeing on the business opportunity in the new colony, Lim Leack moved there and co-founded a well-known firm, Messrs. Leack, Chin Seng & Co. The company's early founders were Lim Leack and Tan Chin Seng (son of Tan Oh Lee). It was later joined by Chee Yam Chuan. The Messrs. Leack, Chin Seng & Co., supplied various Chinese food and stuffs to the early Chinese immigrants, and was then known in Singapore as the single largest importer of goods from China. In which, stood on par with Wee Bin & Co. and Yap Whatt & Co. The firm was located at No. 29 Market Street, Singapore. 

In 1851, in partnership with a prominent Straits Chinese merchant, Tan Chin Seng, they opened a branch of Leack, Chin Seng & Co. in Malacca engaged in  logistic and steamship. Apart from this, the firm in Malacca was also an exporter of tin and tapioca to China. However, in engaging the business in China, Leack, Chin Seng & Co., represented itself as a British trading company by raising the Union Jack in their vessels.

Lim Leack also had the interest in property investment, in 1828 he bought three land lots in Singapore. In 1855, he purchased a 9-acre land at Tiong Bahru from the British East India Company and left it for his descendants. The land was later claimed by the Singapore government for development in 1927.

Lim Leack's family was also known for their staunch support to Tengku Kudin during the civil war in Selangor (1867 - 1874). The relation between the Lim family with the local Malay elites is an exemplary of early social and political engagements of different ethnics in the then Malaya. However, this formation is mainly driven for the purpose of ensuring continuous economy monopolization. In which, the Lim family had the interest in tin mining concession in Selangor.   

When Lim Leack died on 22 August 1875 in Hong Kong, his eldest son Lim Tek Hee (also spelled as Lim Teck Ghee) took over his business interests and inherited a considerable amount of his wealth under the Estate of Lim Leack dated on 28 June 1863.

The contributions of Lim Leack towards the economy growth of early Singapore's foundation was considered invaluable. In 1941, Lim Liak Street in Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore was named in honour of him. 

1. Yeo Im Neo (d. 1887)

1. Lim Teck Ghee (d. 1892) married Tan Poh Neo (1839 - 1910)
2. Lim Teck Whee (d. 1883) married Wee Watt Neo (1842-1924)
3. Lim Teck Chiang
4. Lim Tang Hun (adopted) married Wee Hoon Neo

1. Lim Lan Neo

1. Lim Chan Sin son of Lim Teck Whee
2. Lim Chan Siew (1877-1931) son of Lim Teck Whee

Great Grandchildren:
1. Lim Chin Chye (1896-1955) son of Lim Chan Siew
2. Lim Eng Chiang
3. Lim Eng Hock
4. Lim Eng Chye
5. Lim Ong Seng
6. Lim Teo Gek Neo

Great Great Grandchildren
1. Lim Bock Chwee

1st revision on 15 January 2013, with family information from Mr Lim Soon Hoe.
2nd revision on 23 January 2013 on Lim Leack's business sketch.
3rd revision on 18 August 2013 on the descendants. 

Note: This article is an ongoing research with S.H. Lim. The contents may be altered from time to time.