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List of British Honours to the Overseas Chinese in the Straits Settlements and British Malaya


Knight Grand Cross Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)

1972 - Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore) - ‘Honorary Knight’ which carries no title

Knight Commanders of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) 

1936 - Song Ong Siang (Singapore) - ‘styled as Sir Ong-siang Song’
1946 - Dr Lim Han Hoe (Singapore) - ‘styled as Sir Han-hoe Lim, also Sir Roger Lim’
1952 - Tan Cheng Lock (Malacca) - ‘styled as Sir Cheng-lock Tan’
1957 - Colonel Henry Lee Hau Shik (Selangor) - ‘styled as Sir Henry Hau-shik Lee, also Sir Henry Lee'
2009 - Tiong Hiew King (Sarawak) - ‘Honorary Knight’ which carries no title
2012 - Hii Yii Ann (Sarawak) - 'styled as Sir Yii Ann Hii'
2013 - Dr Khaw Peng Tee (Kuala Lumpur) - 'styled as Sir Peng Tee Khaw'

Knight Bachelor (Kt.) 

2017 -  Poh Sang Chung (Sarawak / Papua New Guinea) - 'styled as Sir Martin Poh / Sir Sang Chung Poh'

Companions of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

1876 - Hoo Ah Kay (Singapore)
1912 - Tan Jiak Kim (Singapore)
1915 - Loke Yew (Selangor)
1941 - Chan Sze Jin (Singapore)

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

1927 - Song Ong Siang (Singapore)
1930 - Choo Kia Peng (Selangor)
1933 - Tan Cheng Lock (Malacca)
1941 - Dr Lim Han Hoe (Singapore)
1947 - Dr Khong Kam Tak (Perak)
1948 - Colonel Henry Lee Hau Shik (Selangor)
1949 - Khoo Teik Ee (Selangor)
1951 - Tan Chin Tuan (Singapore)
1953 - Ng Swee Cam (Penang)
1955 - Thio Chan Bee (Singapore)
1956 - Dr Toh Eng Hoe (Perak)
2003 - Professor Khaw Kay Tee

Officers of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) 

1918 - Lim Boon Keng (Singapore)
1922 - Eu Tong Sen (Singapore)
1923 - Quah Beng Kee (Penang)
1931 - Capt Koh Keng Bock (Malacca)
1935 - Wee Swee Teow (Singapore)
1937 - Leong Sin Nam (Perak)
1938 - Aw Boon Haw (Singapore)
1939 - Khoo Sian Ewe (Penang)
1941 - Cheah Ghim Leng (Perak)
1946 - Choy Khun Heng (Singapore)
1946 - Yong Su Moi, Elizabeth (Singapore)
1947 - Dr Soo Kim Lan (Selangor)
1947 - Wong Man Wai (Perak)
1947 - Chye Sin Wu (Perak)
1949 - Gunn Lay Teik (Selangor)
1951 - Lau Pak Khuan (Perak)
1951 - Ng Seng Choy (Singapore)
1953 - Lee Ewe Boon (Kedah)
1953 - Teh Eng Suan (Pahang)
1954 - Teoh Thye Moh (Penang)
1954 - Ong Hap Leong (Sarawak)
1955 - Koh Sin Hock (Penang)
1955 - G.H. Kiat (Singapore)
1955 - Chee Swee Ee (Penang)
1956 - Tan Kai Choon (Sarawak)
1956 - See Khoon Lim (Perak)
1956 - Oon Hoot Ewe (Penang)
1957 - Yeoh Cheang Kang (Perak)
1958 - Pan Tsoh Chen (North Borneo)
1958 - Tay Teck Eng (Singapore)
2002 - Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat (Penang)
2007 - Dr Ng Mee Ling (Penang)

* Recipients with unknown year:
  1. Leung Cheung Ling (Selangor)
  2. Khoo Peng Loong (Sarawak)
  3. Dr Tay Teck Eng (Singapore)
  4. Yap Man Tatt (Negri Sembilan)

Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

1918 - Lee Choon Guan (Singapore)
1925 - Ho Siak Kuan (Singapore)
1931 - Captain Koh Keng Bock (Malacca)
1935 - Dr Khong Kam Tak (Perak)
1936 - Captain Dr Tan Seng Tee (Malacca)
1938 - Mrs S.K. Wong alias Wong Siu Kit
1941 - Mrs Tan Chay Yan (Malacca)
1942 - Low Leng Chuan (Singapore)
1947 - Tan Hock Aun (Perak)
1947 - Chan Peng Sim (Singapore)
1947 - Low Leng Chuan (Singapore)
1948 - Moung Choo Yah (Selangor)
1949 - Sng Choon Yee (Singapore)
1949 - Chan Joo Chua
1950 - Fam Fong Hee (Singapore)
1950 - Goh Chiang Chuah (Singapore)
1950 - Law Ying Fong (Singapore)
1950 - Mrs Loh Poon Lip nee Teo Soo Choo (Singapore)
1950 - Mrs Chong Ah Khoon nee Ooi Hong Suat (Negri Sembilan)
1951 - Khoo Kim Lian (Malacca)
1952 - Tan Soo Ghi (Malacca)
1953 - Major Goh Guan Hoo
1953 - Dr Soo Hoy Mun (Selangor)
1953 - John Voon Yin Kui (North Borneo)
1953 - Thong Jin Hin
1953 - Lai Yew Chong
1953 - Pang Vui Chau (North Borneo)
1953 - Hsu Yaw Tang (Sarawak)
1954 - Goh Tan Teng (Malacca)
1954 - Pang Yong Wah (Malacca)
1954 - Lim Kim Seng (Singapore)
1955 - Eric Wee Sian Beng (Singapore)
1955 - Ow Kheng Law (Selangor)
1955 - Ang Keh Toh (Selangor)
1955 - Goh Tiong Tan (Malacca)
1955 - Sim Hung Liang (Singapore)
1955 - Lee Syn Hon (North Borneo)
1955 - Chew Jin Bee (Perak)
1956 - Ee Yew Kim (Malacca)
1956 - Too Chee Chew (Selangor)
1956 - Wong Yong Hew (Perak)
1956 - Tan Siew Inn (Singapore)
1956 - Tan Yam Thong (Sarawak)
1956 - Thien Tet Fui (North Borneo)
1956 - Mrs Ch'ng Lum Tong (Kedah)
1957 - Lt. Col. John Thong Sing Ching (Singapore)
1958 - Ho Cheong Chin (Singapore)
1958 - Lim Teng Kok (Singapore)
1991 - Michael Chan Chew Koon (Singapore)

* Recipients with unknown year:
  1. Ong Beng Chye (Selangor)
  2. Goh Chee Yan (Malacca)
  3. Chin Thye Fong (Singapore)
  4. Dr Yeoh Bok Choon (Johor)
  5. Yap Pheng Geck
  6. Tay Gan Tin (Singapore)
  7. Ow Kheng Law (Selangor)

Certificate of Honour (CH) 

The Certificate of Honour was first created in 1927 to honour the people in the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States. The post-nominal title CH was used for the recipients in the Straits Settlements, while MCH (Malayan Certificate of Honour) was reserved for recipients from the Federated Malay States (later Malayan Union). The award certificate presented must be signed by the British High Commissioner of the Malay States and Governor of Straits Settlements, and shall not exceed six recipients per year. The award was terminated in 1941 in the Federated Malay States.

1927 - Tan Siak Cheng (Singapore)
1927 - Ho Siak Kuan (Singapore)
1927 - Khoo Beng Hock (Penang)
1928 - Cheah Choo Yew (Penang)
1928 - Lim Sun Kee
1929 - Lim Seng Hooi (Penang)
1929 - Liau Chia Heng
1929 - Wong Yick Tong (Negri Sembilan)
1929 - Leong Sin Nam (Perak)
1930 - Wong Kwan Tan (Pahang)
1930 - Loke Chow Thye (Selangor)
1931 - Lew Leong Gan (Selangor)
1932 - Dr Khong Kam Tak (Perak)
1933 - Aw Boon Haw (Singapore)
1933 - Chee Wor Lok (Penang)
1934 - Chan Kang Swi (Malacca)
1934 - Foo Wha Cheng (Perak)
1935 - Lim Boon Thin (Singapore)
1935 - Lim Keong Lay (Penang)
1937 - Chang Seng Long (Negri Sembilan)
1938 - Ng Seng Choy (Singapore)
1938 - Aw Boon Par (Singapore)
1938 - Heah Seng Whatt (Penang)
1938 - Ee Kong Guan (Penang)
1939 - Ching Kee Sun (Singapore)
1939 -Tan Ong Seng (Singapore)
1939 - Dr Ong Huck Chye (Penang)
1940 - Lim Eow Thoon (Penang)
1940 - Khoo Leng Gian (Perak)
1941 - Lee Choon Seng (Singapore)

Jubilee Medal Awards (1935)

Dato’ Wong Siew Qui (Johor)
Ng Seng Choy (Singapore)
S.B. Tan (Singapore)
Dr Cheong Chee Hai (Singapore)
Dr Ong Hick Chye (Penang)
Lim Eow Thoon (Penang)
Koh Sin Hock (Penang)
Tan Cheng Lock (Malacca)
Dr Lim Han Hoe (Singapore)
Khoo Sian Ewe (Penang)
Tay Lian Teck (Singapore)
Chung Ah Ming (Perak)
Lai Tet Loke (Selangor)
Toh Eng Hoe (Perak)
Yong Shook Lin (Selangor)
Wong Yick Tong (NS)
Chang Seng Long (NS)
Tan Chong Lek (Malacca)
Mrs S.Q. Wong (Singaproe)
Mrs Lee Choon Guan (Singapore)
Mrs Ng Sen Choy (Signapore)
Mrs Cheah Inn Kiong (Penang)
Mrs Tan Chay Yan (Malacca)
Mdm Lim Swee Eng (Selangor)
Ms Mary Lam (Selangor)
Ms Yong Koon Tho (Selangor)
Sng Choon Yee (Singapore)
Ong Kim Tiang (Singapore)
Lee Kwee Siew (Singapore)
Goh Chiang Chuah (Singapore)
Wee Gon Dol (Singapore)
Tan Hock Ann (Penang)
Mun Soon Hoong (Penang)
Yeo Seng Whatt (Malacca)
Qua Gong Kow (Perak)
Mrs Tan Cheng Choan (Selangor)
Tan Cheng Gam
Tai Sam Goon (Pahang)
Wong Peng Wah
Low Kee Boo (Selangor)
Moung Choo Yah (Selangor)

King George VI Coronation Medal (1937) 

Dr Lim Han Hoe
Khoo Sian Ewe
Tay Lian Teck
Lai Tet Loke
Dr Khong Kam Tak
Leong Sin Nam
Toh Eng Hoe
Yong Shook Lin
Wong Yick Tong
Chang Seng Leong
S.Q. Wong
Dr H.T. Wee
Ng Sen Choy
Seow Poh Leng
Chua Keh Hai
Dr Ong Huck Chye
Koh Sin Hock
Dr Ong Keng Cheng
Tan Chong Lek
Tan Soo Chong
Wong Chin Yok
Giam Ah Long
Mrs S.K. Wong
Mrs S.Q. Wong
Miss Loke Soo Lip
Tan Miang Kang
Tan Say Hoe
Tan Hock Ann
Mun Soon Hoong
Qua Gong Kow
Lim Tee Ee
Teen Ah Yeow
Ng Kheng Tan
Gunn Lat Teik
Chong Sin Yew
Song Ong Siang
Tan Cheng Lock
Dr Saw Ah Choy
Choo Kia Peng
H.S. Lee

British Empire Medal (BEM)

1954 - Chin Peng Leong
1954 - Khoo Paik Wan (Johor)
1954 - Khoo Soo Saik (Penang)
1954 - Lum Ah Hoi
1954 - Phua Thian Ern (Johor)


  1. 1953 - Teh Eng Suan (PAHANG)
    1953 - Soo Hoy Mun (Selangor)
    1953 - John Voon Yin Kui (North Borneo)
    1953 - Thong Jin Hin (FMS)
    1953 - Pang Vui Chau (North Borneo)
    1953 - Hsu Yaw Tang (Sarawak)

    Hi Eugene,
    I very free & googled the above.

    BTW, do you have info on Chinese residents who were awarded or purchased Qing official titles before 1911?



    1. Dear Eugene,
      I am the 3rd son of Teh Eng Suan who was the only Chinese in PAHANG bestowed OBE for public service in Bentong. He passed away on 26th Oct 1974 in Bentong.
      I would like to communicate with you on his community services that he rendered in Bentong. I look forward to hearing from you in anticipation.
      My email is

    2. Hello SHL
      saw Low Leng Chuan, my great grandfather's name here 1942 and 1947. and noticed your prescence here
      Best Rgds

  2. Hi Eugene,
    Additional info:
    Tay Lian Teck (Singapore]
    Chung Ah Ming (Perak)
    Lai Tet Loke (Selangor)
    Tan Cheng Gam (FMS)
    Tai Sam Goon (Pahang)
    Wong Peng Wah (FMS)
    Low Kee Boo (Selangor)

    So when the officers were listed under various Govt depts like Police, Railways, Customs in FMS, then can we suppose it is in KL, Selangor?

    Looking forward to your article on Qing official titles awarded to Chinese in Singapore.

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks for your help.

    FMS is a generic term to classify the Malay States of Perak, Selangor, Pahang and Negri Sembilan. Yes, KL during the British time was the capital for Selangor, so it's considered as Selangor.

  4. 1957- Major John Thong Sing Ching, Singapore Volunteer Corp, was awarded Ordinary Member of military division of most excellent order of British Empire, MBE (SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1 JANUARY, 1957, pg 9)

  5. Thank you for the info....delighted to know my hubby's grandpa Capt Koh Keng Bock not only awarded MBE, but also OBE.

    Under Certificate of Honour, recepient Ee Kong Guan (1938) originated from Melaka, not Penang

  6. Hi do you have any more information on Low Kee Boo e.g. was he been listed anywhere else for another medal or what was the Jubilee medal awarded for? He is my grandfather and I have 2 medals for him and thanks to you I can account for 1 but not the other.

    1. Hi Cheng Ee.

      Glad to hear this page has helped you in a way. Unfortunately we don't have further info for Low Kee Boo as for now. This page is still growing, please do visit it frequently as we may update it accordingly to the latest findings and interest.

  7. Thanks for this well prepared list! Do you have the original or source of your information?
    I'm working on a biography on my grandaunt, Dr. Soo Kim Lan, Malaya's first woman medical doctor
    and my source (in Bahasa Malaysia) shows she received the O.B.E. in 1948. That same article had a number of other date/year mistakes but it was from our national archive. Would really appreciate if you could confirm the date and if you have the day and month, or original article?

    Please also respond to:
    with subject matter: British Honours


    1. Hi Jacquelyn,

      The information can be retrieved from The London Gazette published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

  8. My grandfather, Lim Teng Kok, MBE, 1958