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Yap Loong Kee

Yap Loong Kee was born in Malacca in 1864 to Yap Sam Kee. Yap Loong Kee who was a second generation of Chinese immigrant family had started to dealing in tin mining affairs at the age of 20 years. His success in tin mining venture in Petaling, Salak had helped him to acquire more mines. In 1879 he married Liew Hup Neoh (also Low Hup Neo) and had a daughter, and two adopted sons. His daughter Yap Kon Keow (b. 1894) married Khoo Soon Leong son of Khoo Hock Cheong and had inherited a significant amount of his estate. In 1901, through Yap Loong Kee's secondary wife, Chin Thye Lian, they had an adopted son, Yap Fook Siang.  Chin Thye Lian died in 1910 and left a will to her son who was still a minor, however, Yap Fook Siong died on 24 May 1924 without issue. 

Yap Loong Kee died in 1904 and his property was managed by his brother-in-law, Low Yang Hin, who was born in Ulu Langat in 1882 and educated at the Victoria Institution. Low Yang Hin joined the Customs Department at Port Dickson and later joined Yau Tet Shin in the Spirit and Gambling Farm. Upon the death of his brother-in-law, four years later, he undertook, at the request of his sister, the management of Yap Loong Kee's estate.

After the demise of Yap Loong Kee and Chin Thye Lian, the family went into a long legal dispute over the family wealth, spanning since 1919 until 1925. The family house was located at No 96, Ampang Street and a shop house lot at No. 123, Sultan Steet, both at Kuala Lumpur. 

Yap Loong Kee's Family:
  1. Liew Hup Neoh (also Low Hup Neoh) - principal wife
  2. Chin Thye Lian - secondary wife (t'sip)
  1. Yap Kon Keow was born in 1894 the natural and lawful daughter of Yap Loong Kee and Low Hup Neo.
  2. Yap Fook Chin was adopted in 1904 to Yap Loong Kee. 
  3. Yap Fook Siong was adopted in 1901 to Yap Loong Kee and Chin Thye Lian. 

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